Dr. Cynthia Wong

Friday, June 21, 2019

Periodontal Splinting

Having a loose tooth as an adult is way less of a celebratory event than when you were a kid. Instead of a visit from the tooth fairy, you’re bound to be visiting the dentist. Injury, periodontal disease, and misalignment cause looseness. Dr. Cynthia Wong provides a solution: Periodontal Splinting. Contact our office in Orland Park, IL, to learn more.


Like people, teeth are stronger together. Periodontal Splinting attaches your loose, weak teeth. This creates a fortified unit. Permanent and temporary splinting is available. Temporary comes in two kinds: intra-coronal and extra-coronal. How they attach to your teeth distinguishes them. Extra-coronal is easier, attaching straight to the enamel. Intra-coronal requires a channel to be carved into the teeth. The splint is then placed within. Permanent splinting, due to its longevity, is more advanced. Each loose tooth is given a dental crown. Each crown receives a splint between them, essentially fusing them together.


A loose tooth is serious. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with your Orland Park dentist. It can damage the surrounding teeth. Eventually, it will fall out or be extracted. Injury or facial trauma is the main cause of looseness. Personal injury or falling can be the cause. There is also advanced periodontal disease, which left untreated results in tooth loss. Teeth grinding or bruxism puts unnecessary pressure on your teeth. The resulting misalignment may be another factor.


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