Dr. Cynthia Wong

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mouthguards with Braces

Protecting teeth during sports is always important, but the risk of injury is even greater for a patient with braces. At Dr. Cynthia Wong’s orthodontic practice in Orland Park, we want our patients to understand how to work with their care team to protect themselves.

A mouth injury to a person with braces could cause the brackets to become dislodged and the wires to gouge the patient’s lips, cheek, or tongue. Many sports require players with braces to wear mouthguards, and wrestlers are required to wear ones on their upper and lower teeth. Typically, dentists advise patients to get mouthguards that are custom-fitted. These are the most durable and offer the most protection.

However, braces present an additional complication in that the teeth are shifting position. A custom-fitted mouthguard will not still fit the teeth months later.  Therefore, it is necessary for the mouthguard to be updated continuously throughout the patient’s treatment. While this can get expensive, new products are always being developed that provide patients with more affordable options. There may still be phases of orthodontic work when fitting a mouthguard is impossible, but orthodontists generally are willing to cooperate. Patients with braces should not attempt to fit their own mouthguards, or the guard may get caught on their brackets.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Flossing with a Fixed Retainer

If you’ve recently completed orthodontic treatment and decided on a fixed retainer to protect your investment, you may be curious about how to floss. There are two types of fixed retainers – one that is bonded to each tooth and one that is bonded at the end of the retainer only. Fixed retainers can be difficult to keep clean, but fortunately, Dr. Cynthia Wong of Cynthia Wong Orthodontics is here to give you a lesson.

Depending on how tight the spaces are between the teeth, an interdental brush may be helpful in removing food particles from the teeth. These small brushes will reach into the small areas and pose no threat to tooth enamel. Additionally, floss threaders are extremely helpful in cleaning between the teeth. A floss threader looks like a loop and allows you to thread your floss through the hole and reach in between your retainer. Flossing is incredibly important to keep your smile healthy, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic offices are full of specialized equipment. To ensure that our patients are comfortable with their treatment, we at the Orland Park office of Dr. Cynthia Wong wanted to provide an overview of some of the most commonly used instruments at our practice.

Dentists of all kinds use handheld mirrors and instruments with pointy tips called explorers. The explorer, or probe, is used to pick away tartar build-up and is especially important for cleaning the teeth of people with braces, but orthodontists also use it while applying elastics. Many of the pliers used in orthodontics are reverse-action to prevent objects from falling into the patient’s mouth. Howe pliers are used to place orthodontic wires, while distal end cutters are used to cut and taper the end of the wires so they will not injure the patient.

Several tools are used just for the application of molar bands. There is a pointed type of plier used specifically for stretching the elastic bands that are used to make space between the teeth before metal bands are placed. Pushers and burnishers are instruments that look like flattened explorers and are used to get the bands in place around the teeth and to shape them after application. Specialized pliers are also used to remove them.

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