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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mouth Sores

Cuts and sores are common with new braces, as your mouth adapts to metal brackets being in your mouth and touching the sides of your cheeks and bottom lip. It is important to brush and floss carefully so your gums don’t become inflamed and grow over your braces causing sores. The sores will cause sensitivity at first, but your mouth will eventually adapt to the braces and sores will become less likely to occur over time. There are ways to deal with the sores and limit the sensitivity and time they last.

When you first notice sores in your mouth it is important to use wax which is tasteless and can be obtained by most drug stores and dentists/orthodontists. Applying the wax will prevent the metal from irritating your mouth and should be reapplied throughout the day. Salt water is a good way to treat sores after they first appear because salt water disinfects the sore and numbs the sensitivity. It is best to use warm water and swish the water around for about a minute.  You can do this throughout the day whenever you feel irritation. At Dr. Cynthia Wong Orthodontics we suggest avoiding spicy foods while any mouth sores heal.

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